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Fingertip helps you use the Teams platform more effectively and get things done together.

Fingertip is developed for management teams to improve productivity and document the daily leadership processes.

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Management teams are at their best when the whole team is committed to their work. Team members have their own roles and responsibilities, both within the company and in the management team. Work is about active participation, discussion and decisions towards common goals.

Often the focus of the management group’s work is on the meetings that drive it. But more important is what happens between meetings, how to prepare for the next meeting and how to take forward what was agreed at the meeting.

Digital systems have brought new possibilities for facilitating the work of management teams, in particular for facilitating and streamlining the activities between meetings.

Quick benefits with a small operational change.


Management team activities are based on recurring meetings, but

  1. Asynchronous preparation (digitally) is not part of meeting planning
  2. Participants aren’t prepared for the meeting
  3. Decision making is difficult and slow
  4. A lot of time spent equalizing information

Revamp leadership team work to a continuous process, where:

  • Preparation and follow-up are in the same system
  • Leadership team activities and expectations are transparent
  • Information and process status is collected in one place without additional reporting

In a nutshell

With Fingertip organization can turn communication platform Microsoft Teams into a leadership solution.

For leadership team practices this means that he management team discusses not only during meetings, but also between meetings, and the discussions, ideas and opinions are linked to decision-making and goal-oriented action. In addition, staff can be involved in a controlled way in the discussions leading up to decisions.

Up-to-date visibility to relevant metrics and action plan status allows management to focus on business-critical problems, solutions and decisions, and the meetings are many times more effective. On the other hand, the work of the management team can also be made easily visible to staff.

And best of all. The work is tracked, separate reporting can be minimised and progress can be made.

Leadership teamwork as part of Teams

Find the discussion, materials, open tasks, decision log, meetings with agendas and other topical entities in the actual context.

Decision making in daily work

Decision proposals can be created in Teams and shared with all stakeholders for effective collaboration.

Better meeting planning and management 

Management team meetings are prepared and managed. Digital meetings are scheduled, have their themes and agenda prepared according to the annual plan.

Status of key projects easily viewable

All information is collected in one dashboard. Know what is expected of you or what the team is working on.

Download our whitepaper

Our leadership whitepaper is designed for the everyday leaders, who navigate the challenges of modern work. It gives food for thought about what leadership will look like in the future, as well as providing frameworks and methods for daily activities.


Faster decisions

Faster stances to decision proposals and approval requests and immediate communication of decisions.

Productive meetings

Increased productivity and efficiency of meetings.


Time saved through easy access to all needed information in Microsoft Teams.

What do our customers think?

Watch a short demo

In this demonstration, our experts Milla Nevanlinna and JP Wirta take you through the basics of leadership with Fingertip for Teams, and how you can use Fingertip to improve leadership team collaboration in your Microsoft Teams organization.

Fingertip for Teams -management team solution

  • A guided process for agreeing, preparing, managing and monitoring the meeting. Meeting history and minutes.
  • A guided process for decision preparation, position taking, decision making and implementation. Decision log.
  • Management team work with discussions in one place in the Teams channel
  • Use of your own Teams account and your own Teams interface
  • Data and database securely under your own control
  • Definition of visibility roles at individual level: Accountable (A), Responsible (R) and Informed (I)
  • Use of Teams groups to define roles and visibility


Adoption package for the management team

  • Modelling management team work in Teams and Fingertip
  • 3 coaching sessions with the management team
  • Your own rules of the game for working with management teams

Starting with Fingertip is easy!

Fingertip offers:

  • Top class data security.
  • Ensure ROI of your already made IT investments.
  • Quick benefits with a small operational change.
  • Easy adoption with efficient service design and coaching.