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Fingertip helps you create decision proposals and ask for stances and comments in just a few steps using Microsoft Teams.

With other people’s input, the decision is better and your confidence increases.

Fingertip makes decisions collaborative

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Decision making is the key for effective leadership, but 94% of people are displeased with decision making in their organization, while 59% think it is the #1 challenge to be solved.

Companies make decisions every day and they have major impacts in their business. It is thus important to ensure the best starting point for successful decision making.

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How Fingertip works

Fingertip has a unique decision making process integrating in Microsoft Teams. It makes decision preparation, making and follow up accountable, collaborative and transparent to improve quality and speed of decision making. Here’s how it works:

Decision making process

The three-staged life cycle of decisions in Fingertip helps you first discuss different alternatives and prepare a proposition in the draft phase, then collect people’s stances and comments in the request phase and finally plan implementation in the approve phase. This ensures the full end-to-end accountability of decisions and their deliverables.

ARI roles

It’s easy to ensure ownership and buy-in by involving the stakeholders in the decision making process with specific roles. These roles also state the responsibilities of the different participants and support the implementation.

Discuss decisions in Teams

Decentralize decision making by allowing everyone to make decision suggestions and improve decision quality by collecting comments and responses.

Official files in SharePoint

You can attach official files from SharePoint to Fingertip decisions. This reduces time spent finding the right context and content related to the decision substantially.

Decision log

Fingertip offers a systematic and logical log of decisions you and your organization have made. It helps gain situational awareness by seeing the status of ongoing decision processes, improving your decision making capabilities in short and long term.

Fingertip is your decision sidekick

By inviting teams to collaborate in the decision making process you get better input, earlier buy-in, and more accurate decisions. Fingertip helps you create decision proposals and ask for stances and comments in just a few steps using Microsoft Teams.

Approval cards

Approval cards are also sent to participant inboxes which improves the answer rate.

Decision Log

Visualize all decisions you have a role in, and see what contribution is expected of each individual.

Collaborate in context

Share and discuss important decisions in the channels of your communication system.



Summarize all decisions in the past, present and future.


Make roles and responsibilities visible and accountable in decision making.


Connect decisions to relevant files, channels and discussions.


Improve decision quality by getting comments and responses from stakeholders.

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