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The average knowledge worker spends 40% of their working time in meetings. 

Since 2020, the time spent in Teams meetings has increased by 252%. 

Meanwhile, up to 33% of meetings are considered unnecessary at best, wasteful at worst. 

We need new standards to ensure that time spent in meetings is time well spent.

Top annoyances in meetings

There are many problems with meetings in traditional working models, including:


Meetings start late or run long. There’s a topic vs. time imbalance.


Meetings with fluid borders, direction, and/or purpose; a free-for-all.


Meetings are missing people due to conflicts, time zones, etc.


Meetings cover the same old ground; there’s no progress.


There are too many meetings and/or too much time in meetings.


Meetings with uneven contributions, no debate and HIPPOs rule.


Meetings that could or should be emails or direct messages.


Meetings with no closure, decisions or outcomes.


Meetings with disengaged people, often multitasking.


Meetings with an unprepared facilitator or audience.

Who is Fingertip for?

Fingertip can help any type of working group run by meetings to achieve more together.

Regardless of whether the team meets face-to-face or over a Microsoft Teams meeting, meeting preparation, memorandum, and follow-up are electronic.

Fingertip enables the group to operate more efficiently transparently throughout the life cycle of collaboration.

Example: Leadership teams


Activities are based on an endless loop of meetings

  1. Asynchronous preparation (digitally) is not part of meeting planning
  2. Participants aren’t prepared for the meeting
  3. Decision making difficult and slow
  4. A lot of time spent equalizing information

Revamp leadership team work to a continuous process, where:

  • Preparation and follow-up are in the same system
  • Leadership team activities and expectations are transparent
  • Information and process status is collected in one place without additional reporting

Meeting lifecycle

94% of meetings happen without a set agenda. People can’t prepare, and time that was meant for collaboration and innovation is spent in getting people aligned. 

Fingertip forces you to think beforehand: Why is this meeting necessary, who should take part and what will we touch upon. You can collaborate in creating the agenda, linking all relevant tasks and discussion. Preparing happens simply as part of Teams use, without big changes in operating model, which ensures it is actually used.

Here are the key functions of Fingertip in each phase of a meeting lifecycle:

  • Prepare an agenda together.
  • Invite the participants through Outlook.
  • Share preparation tasks to others.
  • Run meetings with a digital agenda
  • Document discussions in context to the agenda items
  • Create action points as to-do items in Fingertip
  • Generate minutes of meetings with links to key items
  • Follow up progress of action items
  • Manage overflow by transferring agenda items to new meetings
  • Make decisions asynchronously

Download our whitepaper

This whitepaper outlines Fingertip’s solution for effective meeting management, from planning to closing. It guides you through the lifecycle from creating the agenda and inviting the participants to running the meeting and ensuring accountable follow up.

How does it work?

Fingertip is different from your average meeting assistants in the way that it is not a separate tool, rather becomes a routine part of daily work in Microsoft Teams. Discussion happens in Teams and can easily be lost, unless connected to work processes. Fingertip ensures end-to-end accountability of meeting participants in Teams, and most work can be done outside of meetings themselves, saving valuable time.

Plan the agenda for a meeting in the right channel context and link to relevant items from anywhere in your organization.

Send the meeting agenda in an invitation AND run the meeting in Microsoft Teams using Fingertip.

Follow up items are documented and appear in individual work queues, and their progress is transparent.



Create visibility to work in progress and reduce inefficient reporting.


Reduce waiting times by having better access to discussion, files and information.


Make roles and responsibilities visible and accountable in any business process.

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