Get things done, together

Fingertip is a modern leadership application designed for Microsoft Teams.

It helps you make meetings more impactful, make better decisions and ensure better collaboration across your organization with transparency and accountability.

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You are already spending most of your day communicating and engaging in Teams. Now Fingertip helps you lead your work, your team and your organization in a collaborative, accountable and productive way.

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Who is Fingertip for?

Fingertip’s leadership system is designed for organizations of different shapes and sizes. To speed up the implementation, we suggest you start with one of our dedicated use cases. They are designed to get the most value out of Fingertip in the shortest time. Read more about them below:

Leadership teams


Activities are based on an endless loop of meetings

  1. Asynchronous preparation (digitally) is not part of meeting planning
  2. Participants aren’t prepared for the meeting
  3. Decision making difficult and slow
  4. A lot of time spent equalizing information

Revamp leadership team work to a continuous process, where:

  • Preparation and follow-up are in the same system
  • Leadership team activities and expectations are transparent
  • Information and process status is collected in one place without additional reporting

Project portfolios


Projects are fragmented in a multitude of systems

  1. Documents are in a document library/portal
  2. Discussions in Teams channels disconnected from the work being done.
  3. Tasks in a separate instance without visibility

Make project portfolio management part of the familiar Teams user experience

  • Personal action points and deadlines in a single view across all projects
  • Project structure and timeline is connected to the discussion channel, streamlining follow-up
  • Transparent cross-domain view for leadership of the status of all projects all the way to the task level

Download our whitepaper

Our leadership whitepaper is designed for the everyday leaders, who navigate the challenges of modern work. It gives food for thought about what leadership will look like in the future, as well as providing frameworks and methods for daily activities.

How does Fingertip solve leadership?

Fingertip provides leaders with tools and leadership processes that are connected to Teams channel discussions. Decisions, tasks, meetings, plans and objectives all have their due dates and accountable people clearly assigned, so all work items become measurable and manageable. Read more about our main functions below:

Meeting management

Organize productive and engaging meetings that get things done.

Decision Log

Keep track of the decision you make that impact your business.

MWB management

Create accountability to your must-win-battles with Fingertip’s tools for project portfolio leadership.



Create visibility to work in progress and reduce inefficient reporting.


Reduce waiting times by having better access to discussion, files and information.


Make roles and responsibilities visible and accountable in any business process.


Ensure all data and communication is securely stored in your organization’s Teams.

What do our customers think?

Watch a short demo

In this demonstration, our experts Milla Nevanlinna and JP Wirta take you through the basics of leadership with Fingertip for Teams, and how you can use Fingertip to improve leadership team collaboration in your Microsoft Teams organization.

Starting with Fingertip is easy!

Fingertip offers:

  • Top class data security.
  • Ensure ROI of your already made IT investments.
  • Quick benefits with a small operational change.
  • Easy adoption with efficient service design and coaching.