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Use Fingertip and bring comprehensive project management of the project portfolio into daily Microsoft Teams use, and ensure transparent efficiency is enabled for all roles.

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Getting work done is hard. Getting work done together is even harder. Establishing a complete project overview enables you to see what is going on.

In modern information work, various projects play a significant role. Projects are a way to create customer value or develop the organization’s own operations. In long-term projects, you have to manage not only the tasks and outputs of the project team members, but also project-related decisions.

The effective implementation of projects requires both a good overall view of the plan and the possibility to allocate responsibilities to project team members who focus on their tasks according to their own work queue.

Monitoring the progress of projects is central to comprehensive project management. Aggregating portfolio visibility across project boundaries enables an up-to-date situational picture. At best, the information produced and utilized by the project team and managers is transparently available to all parties without separate reporting.

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Projects are fragmented in a multitude of systems

  1. Documents in a document library/portal
  2. Discussions in Teams channels disconnected from the actual work being done
  3. Task management in a separate instance without visibility

Make project portfolio management part of the familiar Microsoft Teams user experience

  • Personal action points and deadlines in a single view across all projects
  • Project structure and timeline is connected to the discussion channel, streamlining follow-up
  • Transparent cross-domain view for leadership of the status of all projects all the way to the task level

In a nutshell

Fingertip’s PMO solution creates a digital standard for strategy implementation in Microsoft Teams channels, where you already discuss project progress. Context-based dialogue and collaborative decision making keep stakeholders informed and aligned with high satisfaction.

Integrated meeting management solution is object based and runs in the PMO environment. You can discuss and share information about projects transparently without additional reporting. This means less and more efficient meetings. Decisions are discussed and made outside of meetings digitally together.

Project plans and status information are compiled into a portfolio view for the project steering group without separate reporting, and external project-related material is easily available.

The discussion is linked to the context

Conversations in Microsoft Teams are linked and documented in the context of discussed decisions, tasks and other objects.

Smooth and fast decision-making process

Making gate decisions for the projects is made more efficient with the help of digital decision making. The decisions are visible to all project stakeholders, and they can be brought into a natural part of daily activities as part of the use of Microsoft Teams.

Project plan in the Teams channel

Projects and their decision points can be easily viewed as a portfolio over Teams’ siloed team structure. The view visually compiles the situation of all projects and the required activities for the steering group.

See the status of work at one glance

The situation of entities handled in the management team’s channel is known at a glance. Know what is expected of you or what the team is working on.

Download our whitepaper

Our leadership whitepaper is designed for the everyday leaders, who navigate the challenges of modern work. It gives food for thought about what leadership will look like in the future, as well as providing frameworks and methods for daily activities.


Enhance teamwork and task management

Makes working more efficient using Microsoft Teams channels and Teams

Improve transparency to project leadership

Guides the creation of common goals and metrics, as well as the situational picture, and supports communication

Remove information silos

Enables structural plans linked to goals and monitoring their progress

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In this demonstration, our experts Milla Nevanlinna and JP Wirta take you through the basics of leadership with Fingertip for Teams, and how you can use Fingertip to improve leadership team collaboration in your Microsoft Teams organization.

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