10 tips to vastly better meetings that get things done

Effective meeting practices are the cornerstone of good leadership.

Meetings build understanding, share knowledge and create innovation. It’s where you meet colleagues so that together you can achieve something meaningful.

We’ve put together a list of ten best meeting practices that are easy to adopt anywhere:

  1. Use a meeting tool to ensure that all participants can actively participate in meetings, even between meetings.
  2. Make sure all participants are aware of the meeting agenda and objectives in advance and know how they are expected to prepare.
  3. Keep meetings as short as possible and focus on the most important issues. Do not allow unrelated discussions other than at the end of the meeting.
  4. Set objectives, as well as follow-up and evaluation plans during the meeting to maintain situational awareness.
  5. Plan the agenda for the meeting together and the use of time by topic. Use a backlog list for the agenda and manage overflow situations.
  6. Use visualisation tools during the meeting to help participants understand the progress of the meeting, the topics and the related documentation.
  7. Use a voting app so that all participants can participate and commit to the decisions of the meeting. Delegate tasks and responsibilities by recording them in the app.
  8. Seek to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to speak and share their ideas. Take note of a job well done by giving kudos.
  9. Use a discussion board and polls during the meeting to allow all participants to actively contribute to the discussion.
  10. Hold meetings at appropriate intervals. A shared snapshot of the organization’s status will create accountability for progress and maintain the ability to make decisions.

With these tips, you will run meetings that participants feel comfortable coming to and will also leave feeling wiser. Fingertip’s unique way of linking basic leadership functions to the day-to-day operational use of Teams has clear productivity benefits.

Read more about Fingertip’s meeting tool here: Engage people with better Meetings or check out our Whitepaper: Make your meetings worth the effort.

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