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Meetings are the backbone of modern knowledge work, but they are often misused in reporting or stroking the ego of authoritarian leaders. Meetings have become the focus themselves, rather than what they can produce. 

In fact up to 39% of working time is spent in meetings, accumulating to around 7 years of our life, while 94% of those meetings are opened without a set agenda or follow up.

In essence, meetings are just a tool, and that’s how we should use it.

In the ideal case, meetings are encounters that improve the thinking and understanding of every participant, arrive at conclusions and concrete activities, and enable better decision making. Not just looking in the rear-view mirrors.

This whitepaper outlines Fingertip’s solution for effective meeting management, from planning to closing. It guides you through the lifecycle from creating the agenda and inviting the participants to running the meeting and ensuring accountable follow up. 

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