Leadership learnings for 2024

Blog: 5 leadership learnings for 2024

Another year passed, and the calendar turned to the next one. January is a good time to pause and reflect. What should I do differently this year? Where do I want to be in another year and what do I need to do to get there? In many ways, the influence of leaders extends to […]

Why you should NOT lead by Excel

Leadership is at the heart of every business. Great leadership removes obstacles of daily work, helps information flow better and reinforces psychological safety and job satisfaction. Organizations with great leadership can attract better talent and keep them in their teams. This provides lasting competitive advantage. Leadership is the social process of turning strategy into actions […]

Align leader’s experience with employee experience

The world is currently in a state of widespread uncertainty with social and political instability. This affects employees and employers alike. Employees fear for their jobs as companies do what they can to stay afloat. Employers are redefining roles and cracking down on wasteful processes to try and get the stalling productivity back on the […]

Ace collaboration in remote knowledge work using Fingertip

“Content is king”, said Bill Gates all the way back in 1996 about the internet. In knowledge work, we define content as the messaging between employees and publicly in channels. They are used to distribute knowledge and information, either internally or externally in sales and marketing. To improve the quality and relevance of content, we […]

Teams apps reduce the cost of context switching

Many of us have found ourselves conducting most of our daily communication using Microsoft Teams by now. With its impressive timing and rapid rise to popularity during the pandemic, it currently sits at more than 300 million users. However, it’s not all fine and dandy. Microsoft themselves conducted a study that showed that in the […]

Decisions make or break knowledge work

Executives spend almost 40% of their time making decisions. Worse yet, they think it is not time well spent. Sitting on decisions costs the largest organizations hundreds of millions of dollars per year. And when they make bad decisions, the costs just add up. Where does the cost come from? Mostly from sitting in meetings. […]

10 tips to vastly better meetings that get things done

Effective meeting practices are the cornerstone of good leadership. Meetings build understanding, share knowledge and create innovation. It’s where you meet colleagues so that together you can achieve something meaningful. We’ve put together a list of ten best meeting practices that are easy to adopt anywhere: Use a meeting tool to ensure that all participants […]