The future of leadership is at your Fingertips

Fingertip is the digital leadership and management software that helps you:

  • Make better strategic decisions
  • Measure progress of your targets
  • Plan meetings that spark excitement 
  • Manage tasks that increase engagement 
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Digital leadership, simplified.

Easy to learn, instant value.

Are you a data-driven, people-first leader? Fingertip is for you!

Fingertip is state-of-the-art digital leadership and management software for Microsoft Teams that improves leadership with transparency in planning and execution, from decision making to strategy.

Fingertip is easy to install and learn, and you’ll instantly start creating additional value for your company and customers.

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Agile, transparent and collaborative leadership

Fingertip helps leaders

Fingertip is the business workspace in Microsoft Teams that facilitates: 

  • Better decision making
  • Transparent objectives setting
  • Improved meetings management
  • Clear business planning
  • and so much more


The Fingertip tools will give you and your business the confidence to start and finish creative project work at any organizational level.

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What our customers say

"Fingertip is very likely the most advanced Power Apps –based Teams application currently. I have not seen anything like this.​"
Microsoft Consultant, Hungary
"Fingertip addresses the Pains, Needs and hidden Wants of a starting or seasoned leader saving truly everyday an hour of my work day. Fingertip is the key vehicle for our cultural transformation.​"
CEO, Ireland
"Fingertip is our Hub to collect everything that is valuable in our leadership work – breaking the silos in Teams channels."
Fingertip customer, UK

Watch the demo!

Check out the 10 minute demo and discover the key features Fingertip offers to achieve agile, transparent and collaborative leadership.

Our experts walk you through the key points of Fingertip and demonstrate some features and core functionalities of Fingertip for Microsoft Teams.

Fingertip demo: Getting things done, together

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